RankBrain: The future of SEO and Digital Marketing

rank brain

RankBrain: The future of SEO and Digital Marketing


RankBrain is touted as the future of SEO and Digital Marketing, and for all special reasons, Google is parenting this Artificial Intelligence. The idea is to take the concept of Search Engine Optimization to yet another level and to help the machine understand the user’s query and provide list things at the drop of a hat. But before we get any further into the jargons and technicalities of RankBrain you should know what SEO is and why it is important. Let’s hope that the readers want to learn things from scratch.


SEO and Its Significance:

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So optimizing the search engine is the act of helping the machine understand your query faster and better. SEO is the set of strategies and techniques used to increase the number of visitors to a web page. The traffic that a web page gets depends on its ranking placement in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) in its search engine.
  • The purpose of having a blog or a web page is fulfilled when your page is viewed by a lot of people. The blogger is benefitted only when the visitor is benefited, and the viewer is benefited only when your blog is optimized and well set. So the idea of SEO is a vicious circle.
  • When your blog gets high ranking placement in the search engine, it earns goodwill for itself, which means is it becomes more reliable. People want to visit only the websites that are reliable and trustworthy

Role Of RankBrain:

A lot of SEO tools are already available in the market. They are quenching the essential requirements in optimization. So why is RankBrain special?

  • RankBrain the Artificial Intelligence that helps to optimize Google search queries, it contains loads of mathematical components called vectors that computers can understand.
  • So if RankBrain notices a phrase that is either unfamiliar or irrelevant, its AI is designed in such a way that it goes for a mining looking for the best alternatives that actually exists and can match the query of the user.
  • Google considers RankBrain as the third most important factor in deciding the position of the web pages stored in its search engine. So, if Google is ranking things really well, then RankBrain takes the credit for getting the right signal in the midst of hundreds of other irrelevant signals.

RankBrain is going to have a serious impact on the most basic part of SEO unless you are going to be more attentive to the changes that RankBrain can make in the mathematical algorithms, you will have a hard time in finding your page in high-rank placements of Google search engine.

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